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Australians Put an LS V8 in a Suzuki Kei Car and It Is Both Hilarious and Cool

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You know, I think we need a new word in the English language: something that means “the giddy joy that comes from doing something ridiculous just for the enjoyment of it.”

We need it because there is nothing that fits better than what these guys must be feeling:

What you are witnessing there is a Suzuki Mighty Boy—an itsy-bitsy Kei car built for the Japanese market. It’s a pickup truck, in a manner of speaking, just really tiny.

Its name is Loopy, for reasons that should be obvious.

The video’s description tells us that this Mighty Boy has had its original engine swapped out for an LS V8, which means it has gone from about 26-40 horsepower (depending on the model), and has been chugged up to somewhere over 300 horsepower, depending on which LS it is.

In any case, it’s certainly enough to make it go WHEEEEEEE.

Unsurprisingly, this mechanical marvel of simple wanton “what-the-heck”-edness comes to us from the home of the “what the heck” attitude, Australia—specifically, the 20vs20 GUP vs Mackley Burnout competition in Sydney. That means that part of that impressive cloud of smoke comes from the fact that this is happening on a giant skid pad made specifically for this kind of event. However, I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment that Loopy could perform similarly impressive burnouts wherever it felt like.

Now we just need to come up with that word. Ridiculove? Rejoyfulous?

Meh. I’ll think of something.

News Source: JalopnikMighty Boy Club of Australia