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Austria Implements New Incentive to Encourage EV Ownership

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80 MPH Speed Limit

While some electric vehicle (EV) incentives involve state or federal rebates, others are a bit more unique. Take Austria’s latest EV incentive, for instance. The Austrian government will now reward EV owners with a special incentive. Owners of electric models will be able to travel 20 mph faster than conventional fuel-powered models. EV owners can now speed up to 80 mph on the highway, while non-EV owners will still have to observe a 60 mph speed limit.

The Austrian government has yet to release specific details about the incentive. However, it’s expected that the incentive will favor 100-percent electric models rather than hybrid ones, as Teslarati contributor Simon Alvarez articulates.

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The new incentive comes in the context of Austria’s larger goal to significantly curb greenhouse gases by 2025. Austria jumpstarted this plan back in 2012, when the government drafted a national implementation plan titled “Electromobility in and from Austria.” This document included 65 measures for promoting sustainable transportation and green-energy vehicles.

Eco-friendly transportation is definitely a growing trend in this country. This year, Austria ranked among the top 15 countries for increased EV sales, according to Austrian consumers purchased 27 percent more electric models in 2018 than they did in the previous year. Furthermore, battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales increased by 14 percent, while plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) sales increased by 79 percent.

Austria’s speed limit incentive should only enhance the adoption rate of EVs in this country. We anticipate more news in the days ahead as we wait for the Austrian government to reveal the stipulations of the new legislation.

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