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Autotrader Gets Sense of Humor with ‘Drunk History’ Director

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As you’re watching the fall premieres of your favorite TV shows, you might be noticing a new commercial from Autotrader that’s, well, funny. That’s not because buying cars has become a laughing matter, but thanks to Derek Waters, the creative mind behind Drunk History.

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See the new ad below:

If you’re a fan of Drunk History, you probably know Waters as the man trying to keep drunk historians on topic and well-hydrated as they relay some of the juiciest moments in world history. He also often plays a role in the historic scenes they’re describing.


In the first commercial of the campaign for Autotrader, he turns once more to human history to show how buying transportation has always been a pain, but Autotrader makes it easier (even in 750 BC). A pair of Norse men are talking about how much they paid for a sled, with one berating his friend for paying too many pelts for his ride. A Norse woman than pulls up in a truck to talk about how easy it was for her to buy her truck and pay the right price with Autotrader.

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The whole campaign is called “Finally, It’s Easy,” and reportedly there are more spots to come. Each will focus on historic drama, which is great since that’s where Waters is at his best.

The Drum reports that this commercial is Derek Waters’s first foray into traditional advertising, and for this gig he’s working through agency 72andSunny New York. We can only hope that one of them is destined for a coveted Super Bowl spot (yes, I know that’s months away, just let me dream).

News Source: The Drum