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4 Child-Friendly Podcasts to Make Your Family’s Commute More Pleasant

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kids in backseat

Transporting your family during school season doesn’t have to be a drag. Here are four child-friendly podcasts that will engage young listeners and parents alike.

Brains on!

Young science enthusiasts will find out the answers to their most pressing questions when they listen to the “Brains on!” podcast. Episode lengths range from approximately 12 minutes to 28 minutes, which should cover at least some, if not all, of the trip to or from school. Find out if there’s life on other planets, why mosquitoes bite, how the human body reacts to allergens, and more. Browse episodes here.


Peace Out

You’re never too young to start cultivating a habit of mindfulness. Help your children clear their minds before the busy whir of the day begins by tuning in to this Zen, short story podcast. Each episode will guide your children through breathing and visualization exercises. It’s a fun way to coach children to calmly and confidently navigate the daily emotions and stresses they face at school. You can also turn on this podcast during the drive home to help your children unwind.


The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

Described as “Goonies meets SpyKids meets Stranger Things,” this delightful mystery podcast is sure to engage middle-grade children. It has also been nominated for acclaimed awards such as the 2017 Webby Award for Best Audio Drama and Best Sound Design/Original Music Score. The Guardian ranked it as one of the “Top 50 podcasts of 2016.” Get started on season one here.



Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? This podcast is a great source for poems, myths, and stories for you and your family. “Katie the Ordinary Witch,” “Lapis the Egyptian Cat,” and “Finette” are just a few of the tales that will transport you to fantastical and international realms while you’re stuck in traffic. Access this captivating series on iTunes.


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