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Back to the Coloring Board: Chevrolet’s Bespoke Color Scheme

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2014 Chevrolet Sonic

2014 Chevrolet Sonic

What’s in a color? If you ask Chevrolet, they would say quite a lot—Chevrolet’s bespoke color scheme, which the company will try out on a trial basis on its Spark and Sonic cars, is an attempt to attract younger buyers to their brand simply through color choice.

“It’s one of the major reasons people buy a car,” claims Sharon Gauci, GM’s global trend and color director. “For cars like Sonic we have a younger, youthful demographic who is willing to embrace color to be individuals, to be different and stand out, so that’s a real opportunity to dial up color.”

Therefore, Chevrolet’s begun introducing vivid colors like Electric Pink, Deep Magenta, Cool Blue, and Bright Green for these models instead of standard color choices like white, black, and metallic hues.

Gauci also said Chevrolet’s bespoke color scheme is a new twist on brand separation. “We are finding color and design tend to be real differentiators across the brand.” Keep an eye out for Bright Green and Electric Pink Sonics zipping around the freeway—if there are a lot of them, Chevrolet will have been right. What’s in a color? Brand value.

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