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Bad Vibrations — Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel Shakes

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Holding on to a steering wheel that shakes and vibrates is not only worrisome, it’s grueling. Driving a car shouldn’t include a target-toning workout for your arms, and if it does, then you know where you need to steer your shaking wheel—the mechanic.

And, although you definitely know there is a problem, you might not be sure why or what caused your steering wheel to get the shakes in the first place. According to writer Eddie Carrara, there are a few reasons why your steering wheel is shaking.

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“The most common reason your tires shake or your steering wheel vibrates is simple: your tires are out of balance. Tires take a beating when they hit potholes, bridge expansion joints, and curbs. Hitting any one of these objects could knock off a wheel weight, dent a rim, or cause a bubble in the sidewall of the tire, causing it to be out of balance,” reports Carrara. “If you lose a wheel weight, it’s an easy fix; you just need to have your tire balanced at the local garage.”

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Another reason for your steering wheel freak-out is debris on or in your tires; a foreign object stuck in your tire like a bolt or other metal piece and even snow and ice have been known to cause your steering wheel to get the chills, according to Carrara.

You’re performing regular tire checks, right? If not, start. Because improperly pressurized tires can cause steering wheel vibrations, too, along with other ailments such as subpar fuel mileage, blowouts, and uneven wear, according to Carrara who notes that if your tires are in terrible condition—completely or near-to being bald—you’re not only setting yourself up for some serious steering wheel stress, you’re also putting your safety at risk; replace damaged tires right away.

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