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Balenciaga Releases Car Floor Mat Skirt for All Your Off-Roading Needs

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Balenciaga Car Floor Mat Skirt Silver Green

Photo: Ahmad

The world of fashion can be a strange place, with designers going over the top with their creations in order to get noticed by the most influential fashion critics. From food-themed outfits to dresses inspired by urinals, fashion can find inspiration from many things. To continue with this trend of designing clothes with a real world muse, Balenciaga recently unveiled a new skirt design that has some auto enthusiasts perplexed.

The Spanish fashion company released its “embossed leather skirt” in the brand’s autumn/winter 2017 runway and many are noting that the material resembles that of a standard vehicle floor mat.



DIY fashion

It seems as if London-based company Money Saving Expert first noticed the uncanny resemblance and let their followers know that they, too, could experience high fashion by simply purchasing a car mat for a mere £40 (roughly $53), rather than Balenciaga’s ridiculous price of £1,700 ($2,240).



More versatile than Versace

For those still interested in spending an outrageous amount of money for this item but are hesitant because of the lack of color options, you’re in luck! This “skirt” is available in a silver metallic color as well as a forest green, which would pair perfectly with this tree-shaped necklace:



What’s next?

To be fair, fashion has drawn inspiration from automobiles before, with designers creating dresses made from license plates and checkered flags, so it’s not too farfetched that Balenciaga is repurposing the standard floor mat. Maybe in the spring we’ll see a seatbelt tank top or shoes made out of hubcaps!