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Bank Drive-Thru Mayhem

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Bank drive-thrus can really test your patience for a variety of reasons. Those who drive up to the ATM and don’t have their transaction ready to go… Those who spend seven minutes over what should be a three-minute withdrawal… Those who take forever to use the canister/tube system to make their transaction and end up pouring out their life story to the teller, apparently oblivious that anyone is waiting in line behind them…

But sometimes, the bank drive-thru is sometimes the scene for wacky, dangerous driving ordeals. YouTuber Robb Brilbeck recently witnessed such an event. While waiting his turn in line, his dashcam captured the dark SUV in front of him whose driver was taking a bit too long. The driver’s door opens, a hand comes out, and you have to wonder exactly what the driver was doing.

Then suddenly the brake lights turn off and the SUV lurches forward. The renegade vehicle speeds across a perpendicular lane of traffic nearby and hurtles over one of the car’s waiting at a stop light. It’s a scene worthy of any lighthearted comedy with an out-of-control protagonist who is having a bad day.

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But back to the scene…Besides kicking up some dirt and jarring the unsuspecting smaller vehicle it drove over, the SUV kept on it’s way and disappeared from the dashcam’s view. From the video, the impacted car seemed to sport minimal damages and it remains paused on the road at the stoplight.

At this point, Robb Brilbeck, parks his car, uttering exclamations of disbelief, and the video clip ends.

Watch the video for yourself below. Just another reminder to drive safely when driving through a bank drive-thru. And, if you’re driving anywhere near a bank, make sure to be aware of bank customers who happen to loose control of their vehicles.

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News Source: MotorAuthority