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Basement-ridden 1967 Chevy Corvette C2 Gets New Life

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It Came from Larry’s Basement

1966 Chevrolet C2 Corvette Roadster Hardtop black

Every basement has uncommon findings, including collectibles and fictitious monsters. The basement of a Maryland man is no exception with a rare 1967 Chevy Corvette C2.

Fast forward: To the 2019 year model

Its owner, Larry Shank, passed away in 2014, and his family recently decided to sell the sports car to a California collector.

A few aspects that make this yellow convertible unique are its mileage and lack of infotainment. For being over 50 years old, this Corvette has hardly seen action with 1,293 miles on the odometer.

It also does not have a radio, which echoes 740 other Corvettes produced in that year. However, its two exhaust pipes running up both sides puts it in company with only 4,209 Corvette models from 1967.

So, why the exile from society into a dark, wet, and stinky basement? And why the low mileage?

The answers to these questions tell us a humorous — yet sad — tale.

Hit from behind at the finish line

After buying the Corvette off a local Chevy dealership, Shank received an invitation to an impromptu race with a driver of a 1962 Chevy Impala Super Sport.

While Shank first declined the challenge, the Impala driver did not take no for an answer and followed him home.

This hot pursuit turned into a race with Shank pulling away from the owner of the Impala.

When they reached his house, Shank slowed down to enter his driveway. The Impala driver however was not able to stop in time and rear-ended Shank’s car. He would never drive that Corvette ever again.

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Road to redemption

Now that this Corvette is in new hands and no longer locked away in a basement, one could only guess as to what the future holds for this classic sports car.

A Virginia Chevy dealership claims that the vehicle is likely worth $100,000 with a final figure of $400,000 when cleaned.

Whatever the California collector decides to do with this rare gem, let’s just hope he keeps it far away from any existing 1962 Chevy Impala Super Sport models.

Source: Herald-Mail Media, GM Authority