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Be Safe on One of America’s Deadliest Days on the Road

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early history of drunk driving

It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating the end of 2014, but already 2015 is drawing to a close. We’re aware that we’re joining a chorus of voices all saying the same thing, but please be safe on the roads if you choose to go out to celebrate the New Year and don’t drink and drive.

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The holiday season in general is a very dangerous time on the roadways, which is why the NHTSA launches its new drunk driving ads in December. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, January 1st is the second deadliest day of the year, with approximately 118 people being killed on the road before the year has had a chance to properly begin. Only the Fourth of July is more dangerous.

Autoblog reported that 54% of deaths on New Year’s Day are somehow connected to drunk driving. What makes the New Year’s Day statistics even more depressing is that the IIHS and NHTSA estimate that the number of accidents in the early hours of 2016 will increase over 2015.

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If you will be out to ring in the New Year, make sure to have a designated driver. If you’re out on your own, check online before you leave the house. Some cities offer free or reduced-cost taxi rides following New Year’s celebrations, making getting home safe and affordable. Anyone on the roads tonight should also be extra vigilant, in case one of the cars near them is driven by an impaired driver and begins to act erratically.

If you notice a drunk driver, call 911 immediately. Be ready to tell the dispatcher exactly where you are, in what direction the vehicle is heading, and any details (such as the car’s license plate number).

Statistics Source: Autoblog