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Best Buicks for Road Trips

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Find the right Buick for your next road trip in our new report!

Find the right Buick for your next road trip in our new report!

There’s plenty to consider when picking the ideal car for your road trips. From interior space and cargo room to fuel efficiency and modern technology, if you hit the road often and for long distances, you’ll want to take the extra time to make sure your car is the perfect fit for your family. GM calls the 2015 Buick LaCrosse the best car for road trips (and with good reason), but that’s not the only Buick well-suited to take on the open road.

Buick Enclave

For you large families toting the whole crew, some luggage, and the beloved family dog, you may consider the 2014 Enclave. The Buick Enclave flaunts crossover styling, but with eight-passenger capability. The Enclave doesn’t just look good; it also boasts the interior practicality that makes those dreaded minivans so popular. The option for premium captain’s chairs in the second row allows easy access to the third row – no need to fold down or climb over seats.

Besides its spaciousness, comfort, and practicality, the Enclave also features an entire suite of safety features including rear parking sensors, a rearview camera, and an OnStar system with automatic crash notification, roadside assistance, and stolen vehicle locator. Optional technologies like Side Blind Zone Alert with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Forward Collision Alert, and Lane Departure Warning help prevent accidents before they ever occur. Finally, the Enclave features the industry’s first front center airbag to keep the driver and the passenger from being thrown to the opposite side of the car.

2014 Buick Enclave Black Grey Bridge Exterior

Buick Regal

If you won’t be hauling an entire crew around and are looking for something more fun to drive, the Regal is the sedan for you. The sporty 2015 Buick Regal features a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that pumps out 259 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. If you’re hoping to save money at the pump, opt instead for the 2.4-liter ECOTEC four-cylinder engine with eAssist, which still manages to put out 182 hp and 172 lb-ft of torque. Either way, you’ll have no trouble leaving other drivers in the dust.

The 2015 Regal also promises to offer 4G LTE with Wi-Fi. Drivers and passengers can stay connected via in-car Wi-Fi anytime and anywhere. The technology allows seven devices to be connected at one time to include phones, tablets, laptops, and game systems, using a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot that boasts a 30-feet radius, so passengers can even use the internet from outside the car. This means the world is literally at your fingertips along the way. Keep passengers entertained and yourself connected without using costly cell-phone data.

The Enclave, Regal, and LaCrosse are fantastic choices for very different drivers and priorities. Which Buick would you choose for your road trip?