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Best Road Trip Destinations: Charleston, South Carolina

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Charleston, SC

Battery Park in Charleston, South Carolina
Photo: Allstalr Nicol

Two hours South of Myrtle Beach lies a city with history and stunning beauty. Charleston, South Carolina is known for its old-timey feel; at any given moment, you can see horse-drawn carriages parading up and down the streets, roads paved with cobblestone, and small boats cruising down the shoreline. This seaside town is perfect for a weekend getaway or a brief stop on a longer road trip down the coast.


What you’ll see

Historic buildings line the streets of Charleston, creating a path for the horse-drawn carriages to trot through as you drive into town. The Carolina beaches create beautiful scenery for dining, shopping, and more. You can take a cruise along the Atlantic shoreline, explore the historic buildings throughout the town, or simply enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are plenty of beautiful sights to see as you ride by as well as fun excursions to embark on once you put the car in park.

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Rainbow Row

Rainbow Row in Charleston, South Carolina
Photo: David Shankbone

Where to stop

Apart from the horse-drawn carriages and classic beach entertainment, there are a handful of unique-to-Charleston attractions that are must-sees.

Middleton Place
America’s Oldest Landscaped Gardens, Middleton Place, encompasses 65 acres of Charleston grounds. The gardens have a waterfront overlook, a house museum, and plantation stable yards. Events are hosted on the grounds throughout the year, but visitors are welcome to tour the gardens year-round.

Fort Sumter National Monument
Charleston, specifically Fort Sumter, was the site of the firsts shots fired during the Civil War. The Fort Sumter National Monument represents a portion of American history, allowing visitors to reflect and learn from the experiences of our ancestors.

Charleston City Market
Opened in 1807, the Charleston City Market stretches four blocks of the downtown strip and is open daily. As Charleston’s most visited attraction, the market has a lot to offer. It features local artists and their work, music, food, and shopping among over 300 vendors.

Battery Park & Rainbow Row
If you’re looking for simple, beautiful scenery, Battery Park and Rainbow Row are the ideal stops. Battery Park displays waterfront southern-style mansions, cannons, statues, and more, making it perfect for an evening stroll. Rainbow Row matches its name; it is a beautiful row of houses painted in various bright, fun colors for the perfect Instagram shot.

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Charleston, South Carolina was founded by English colonists in 1670 as a colonial seaport. The city’s production of rice, cotton, and indigo gradually increased its wealth and made it a more popular location for settlers. The Civil War began when shots were fired upon Fort Sumter, causing significant damage to the city. As it was rebuilt, the city turned its focus from agriculture to the Charleston Naval base, constructed in 1904, as well as local tourism. Today, tourism brings in approximately 4.51 million people every year.