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Best Road Trip Destinations: San Antonio, Texas

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As one of the largest cities in Texas, San Antonio carries with it a lot of history and beauty. The city is known for the Alamo and the beautiful San Antonio River running through downtown. No matter what time of year, San Antonio is a stunning destination for your road trip, and it brings with it a naturally warm climate year-round. If you’re there during the holiday season, there are events galore and much of the city is decorated with beautiful, twinkling lights as the sun goes down in the West.

What you’ll see

Be prepared, the highway system entering into the city is a bit hectic. Traffic can be fairly congested, as with most big cities, but signs (and probably your GPS) will help guide the way. There are several extremely high overpasses, so if you’re afraid of heights, be prepared for those too.

San Antonio River Walk

The San Antonio Riverwalk
Photo: Pedro Szekely

Where to stop

With a historic city like San Antonio, there’s no shortage of things to do. The city includes plenty of history, romantic getaways, shopping just for fun, and a diverse and expansive zoo.

The Alamo
When you decide to road trip your way to San Antonio, remember the Alamo. Okay, that was cheesy, but really – make sure to stop by and check it out. Central to the Texas Revolution, San Antonio was the location of the 1836 battle of the Alamo. The tourist site features the original canons that were used in 1836. Admission onto the grounds is free and open to the public.

San Antonio River Walk
The River Walk downtown is one of the most romantic spots in San Antonio. Twinkling lights decorate the riverfront, and small river taxis will take you up and down the boardwalk. Alongside the river, you’ll find plenty of shopping, restaurants, and even filming locations for some of your favorite Hollywood movies, including the beauty pageant in Miss Congeniality.

World’s Largest Cowboy Boots
Sitting right outside of the North Star Mall in San Antonio, you’ll find the world’s largest cowboy boots. They were designed by Bob Wade in 1979. The boots are 35 feet tall and 30 feet long, so they’re kind of hard to miss. Once you get your photos in front of the boots, you can head into the mall for some shopping, too.

San Antonio Zoo
The San Antonio Zoo, open year-round, is home to 750 different species. The 56-acre property includes animal habitats and interactive displays, where its one million annual visitors can meet some of the animals up close and personal. Admission into the zoo is $21.99 for adults and $18.99 for children 11 and under.