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Best Tech Accessories for Your Chevy Blazer

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As stylish, sporty, and tech-laden as the Chevy Blazer is, let’s face it — wouldn’t it be nice to have even more tech gadgets to enhance your drives? Here are four Chevrolet-exclusive accessories you should consider investing in for more engaging commutes and road trips.

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Backseat infotainment system

Invest in Chevy’s Rear Seat Infotainment System with DVD Player to keep young ones occupied with favorite games, TV shows, and movies on long drives. Viewers can also watch or play the same program or different ones, depending on their preferences, which can help keep the peace inside the cabin. Bonsu: each display screen has a built-in Fast-Charge function so you can repower electronics via USB cord.

Tablet holder

Tired of backseat passengers accidentally dropping their gadgets on the floor and fumbling for them behind the driver’s seat? This universal tablet holder with integrated power will keep a tablet secure during transit. The design also incorporates two USB ports to keep the tablet powered while in use.

Bluetooth headphones

Enhance the clarity of your playlists or make hands-free phone calls with minimal road noise when you use the CushBT™ Bluetooth Headphones by Kicker. The battery can go for 20 hours without needing a recharge, which makes them perfect for traveling. Though, if you do need to power them up, the set comes with a USB charging cable, detachable 3.5-millimeter cable, and carrying case so you can charge on the go.

Lightning cable

This 1-meter lightning cable by iSimple will help you keep mobile devices fully powered during the drive, so you can work and play en route to your destination. It even has a heavy-duty dual-layer shield to help extend its shelf life and maintain in peak condition despite the wear and tear of daily life.

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