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Best Ways to Hide A Car Dent

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Can you really fix a car dent with duct tape?

Need help fixing a car dent? We have eight ways that could possibly help.

While the process of removing car dents is easy, sometimes it can be costly and time-consuming. If you are looking for some of the best ways to hide a car dent until you can afford to repair it, then we have a couple examples to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you found yourself backing into the lone pole in a parking lot or the neighbor’s kid decided to use your car as a backstop for some street ball, say “Goodbye” to your dents and “Hello” to a ride that is sure to entertain other drivers when you’re out on the road.

1. Face your problem head on—give your dent a face.

If you find that your dent is strangely head-shaped—or if it looks like Stewie Griffin’s head—then don’t hesitate! Draw a quick face on it to add a bit of character to your car’s exterior.

2. Duct tape is always the right answer.

There is nothing that duct tape can’t fix. For a fender bender that’s made your fender a bit beat up, simply tape it and you’re set. Duct tape comes in a variety of styles and colors, too, so just consider it a touch of personalization!

Best Car Memes - duct tape

This meme said it all.

3. Band-Aids make even the worst boo-boos better.

When you were younger and you scraped your knee, your mom would give it a kiss and cover it with a Band-Aid. If you see your car as the kid you’ve never had, then why not do the same? You can create a giant Band-Aid with ease, covering up your dent so it has time to “heal.”

4. Sometimes, you just have to admit your fault…

It’s likely that your dent is noticeable. So why not admit it was your fault by labeling it with a giant “Oops!”?

5. …Or that you won a prize by hitting a deer.

Better yet, if you happened to hit a deer, you can always explain that your car was merely a casualty in your quest to find more food!

dead deer MINI Cooper

Save your pride by blaming the dent on something else.

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6. Make your car into a mobile comic book…

Adding a “Pow!” or a “Bam!” spices up the frames of comic books—why can’t it spice up your car dent?

7. …Or into a piece of art

Make your dent the excuse you need to use your car’s entire exterior as a blank canvas. Create an entirely new world—it’s sure to catch the eye of passerby!

 8. If these suggestions don’t work, blame it on Chuck Norris—just don’t let him know!

Because really. If Chuck Norris did it, then it’s okay.

Do you have any tips on how to cover up a dent? Share them with us below!

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