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The Best Winter Vacation Destinations

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Winter vacation

Any one of these destinations would make for a great winter getaway!

When the snow starts falling and the brisk winter wind hits you in the face every time you walk outdoors, a nice, long vacation somewhere warm seems to be just what you need. It can be a pretty tough choice to make though, so we’ve compiled this list of the best warm winter vacation destinations to help you decide!

Kauai, Hawaii

With its dark chocolate-colored sand beaches and seemingly translucent skies, this oldest island in the Hawaiian chain isn’t the typical tourist trap—its beauty is enticement all on its own. The perfect place for the traveler who doesn’t necessarily need a luxurious resort, the island has different areas that can be explored only on foot and two major islands, adding to its isolated, calming feel. And trust us, there won’t be a snowflake in sight—unless it’s of the paper variety!

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St. Martin and St. Maarten, The Caribbean

If you’re looking for a winter vacation rich in culture, look no further than St. Martin and St. Maarten. This 37-square-mile island, which is governed by both the French (St. Martin) and the Netherlands Antilles (St. Maarten), has an unexpected feistiness to it with scrumptious dining, animated casinos, and some of the best nightlife imaginable. The Caribbean island still has a stress-free vibe, allowing for easy, leisurely travel between the two sides of the island. There’s really no way you can go wrong with this beautiful island!

Puerto Rico

There’s no denying that Puerto Rico has charm out of the wah-zoo. Only a three-hour plane ride from Miami and a U.S. territory (no passport needed!), the island has a little bit for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a trip back into history, or a mysterious jungle landscape, the island has it all—even complete seclusion in the islands of Vieques and Culebra. There are even year-round, affordable vacation packages offered for this winter vacation destination, making it less likely to hurt your holiday plans!

Queenstown, New Zealand

If you’re looking for a real adventure, look no further than across the equator in Queenstown. While it’s not the warmest of our suggestions, there’s no denying the amount of fun available in this New Zealand city. Whether it’s bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, or mountain biking, there are millions of options for those with secret adventurous streaks. Not to mention the friendliness of the locals, there’s no reason this couldn’t be the perfect place for you to visit!

These are just four of the many warm weather winter vacation destinations available to you. Do you have any you’d like to suggest? Share them below!