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This Automotive Resort Will be a Gearhead’s Paradise

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Bicester Motion automotive resort concept art
Photo: Bicester Heritage

British petrolheads are in for a treat. Bicester Heritage has revealed its plans to develop a 444-acre automotive resort boasting a hotel, a convention center, and a heritage center — among many other attractions.

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An immersive automotive experience

The current Bicester Heritage Center occupies an old World War II RAF bomber station. That historic landmark will become part of the new layout — though it’ll occupy just 5 percent of the overall property. The rest of its massive space will host a 344-room hotel, a tech demonstration center, a hangar for hosting events and expos, and an exhibit that speculates on the future of automotive technology.

Visitors will be treated to world-class leisure facilities, complete with family activities and fine dining. The park will also offer off-road courses, a gallery-style garage, lakeside lodges, and a nature reserve. Aviation buffs can get in on the fun, too — an airplane hangar and a flying field take center stage in the automotive resort ’s planned layout.

A different kind of attraction

Bicester Motion has a lot of features that set it apart from seems to be a little more serious than other automotive-themed attractions. For instance, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi boasts the world’s fastest rollercoaster, while the upcoming BBC theme park plans on incorporating Top Gear into some of its rides and attractions. However, Bicester Motion’s proposed layout doesn’t seem to include thrill rides — at least not yet, anyway. It’s more focused on celebrating the past and future of car culture while letting drivers experience hands-on automotive fun.

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The Bicester Motion automotive resort will bring around 2,000 skilled jobs to the region. Bicester expects its new resort to become of the top 20 attractions in the country, and with good reason — the ambitious park is just 90 minutes away from half of the UK population.

Source: Bicester Heritage