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Big Update Coming Soon for Apple CarPlay

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Apple CarPlay
Apple CarPlay’s familiar interface will get a new look this fall
Photo: GMC

Apple CarPlay, which allows drivers to easily integrate and access smartphone functions in their cars, is about to get a major upgrade.

Apple announced earlier this month that updates for this technology will be included in the fall rollout for the company’s iOS 13 operating system.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest changes on the way for this popular infotainment feature.

A Different Look

The new CarPlay offers a “dashboard view,” letting users see music, alerts, maps, and other items at the same time on a split screen, instead of constantly needing to switch back and forth. Users can also toggle between this dashboard view and the home screen, which features a refreshed look. An option to resize the screen is included, too. When you’re playing music, the new look will put the emphasis on album art.

New Capabilities and Settings

CarPlay’s update includes a variety of new capabilities. Eyestrain-reducing light and dark modes are now available. There’s a new “Do Not Disturb While Driving” option accessible via a settings control. If they choose, automakers will be able to incorporate CarPlay info into a vehicle’s instrument cluster or head-up display. And car microphones will be able to interact with Siri in a more streamlined fashion.

Easier to Use

CarPlay’s overhaul should make it even easier to use. There’s a new Calendar app, and the Apple Music tab has been redesigned. Siri has been tweaked so it doesn’t take over the whole screen when it’s called up. CarPlay has also been given a new independent app view, meaning users can open apps on their phone without overriding what’s on the car screen.

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