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Billionaire Creates His Own “No Parking” Zone, Neighbors Get Towed

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Billionaire hedge fund mogul Noam Gottesman is trending in headlines for the fake “no parking zone” he created in front of his $35-million-dollar NYC apartment. His outraged neighbors have had their cars towed for parking in this area, which he’s been using as a 24-hour personal parking spot

The details of the story

Per New York Daily News, Gottesman created this personal parking space back in 2008, when he renovated his apartment. The Department of Buildings has declared this to be an illegal curb cut (i.e. an unauthorized slice in the edges of a public sidewalk to make it look like a driveway)
Gottesman’s transgression came to light when one of his neighbor’s, Eyal Levin, contested a parking ticket he got after parking in this space. DOB spokesman Joe Soldevere confirmed that Gottesman didn’t get the proper permits and the organization’s permission before making the faux driveway.

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Irate residents

Levin is one of many locals who have gotten chased away from using the space and/or have received a citation. Though the space lacks any official “no parking” signs, Gottesman’s cronies have relied on threats of towing to shoo potential violators away. They also point out the “No Parking” and “Active Driveway” warnings that the magnate put on the complex’s back-entrance doors

Awaiting the outcome

Currently, the DOB is conducting further investigation into this unauthorized curb-cut scenario. Per Soldevere, the organization “will take further enforcement action, if warranted.” 

Though Gottesman and his lawyer are currently contesting the charges, the city and locals are against him. It looks like the tycoon should start getting used to parking somewhere else as we wait for the DOB to resolve the situation.  

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