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Billy Idol Stars in Anti-Idling Campaign for New York City

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Billy Idol Anti-Idling NYC Campaign
Billy Idol is not impressed with your idling vehicle

With a rebel yell, he cried, “Shut it off!” Yep, you read that right. British rocker and all-around badass Billy Idol made an appearance in front of City Hall in New York City last week, urging drivers to stop idling when they’re not driving. Since idling has become a major issue in the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio enlisted the rock legend to be the face of a new anti-idling campaign — and Idol is doing it completely free of charge.

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According to de Blasio, stopping unnecessary idling would equal taking 18,000 cars off the road, thus creating cleaner air. New York City law prohibits idling longer than three minutes and just one minute when in front of a school. The NYC mayor said during the press conference that he is adamant about the anti-idling campaign and has frequently told drivers to stop their vehicles when they weren’t driving.

You can even make some decent earnings if you report idling vehicles to the authorities. All you have to do is record a vehicle idling for more than the allowed timeframe and file a complaint online. If the driver is penalized, you get 25 percent of the cut. New Yorker George Pakenham is a man on “emission” and filed 98 complaints in 2019. In total, he’s collected $16,750 in anti-idling money. The eco-conscious city dweller even made a documentary about his activism, called Idle Threat.

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The $1 million #BillyNeverIdles campaign is hoping to increase idling complaints like Pakenham’s in high-traffic areas throughout the city. If Pakenham’s story becomes viral, we could soon see plenty of NYC residents hitting the streets to make some extra cash and help the environment in the process.