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BMW Christmas Gifts Are Perfect for Owners or Posers

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BMW Christmas Gifts Merchandise Collage

You don’t have to own a BMW to be a fan of the brand. The same luxury and quality craftsmanship is present in the automaker’s non-vehicle products–at least that’s how the German brand sells its line of Original BMW Accessories. Whether you’re looking for items with the BMW logo or the Motorsport racing logo on it, you can find many top-of-the-line BMW Christmas gifts at the Shop BMW store.

Stock Up on Classy BMW Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Last year, The News Wheel provided some ideas for BMW holiday gifts, and this year we have even more suggestions.

Colorful Vehicle Accessories: If you already own your own BMW and are looking for a stylish upgrade, consider an illuminated BMW logo on LED door sill plates or LED door projectors that display a special graphic on the ground when the door is opened. Bet your friends don’t have any of these!

Air Fresheners: Nobody wants their fancy, expensive car to stink. The BMW Natural Air collection is a series of official scents chosen for BMW vehicle interiors. Options include Vitalizing Woods, Purifying Green Tea, Energizing Tonic, Balancing Amber, Harmonizing Flowers, and Sparkling Raindrops. Get the special black plastic carrier to adjust the scent’s intensity.

Motorized Children’s Vehicles: For BMW drivers-in-training, check out the motorized ride-on BMW Baby Racer II or the BMW Kid’s Bike in Blue Jay or Racing Red. If your child is too young for either option, a selection of plush animals is available, from Motorsport Teddy Bear to Toni the Shark.

Keychains: Fool people at parties and the local bar into thinking you own a BMW with a wide variety of snazzy-looking metal and leather key rings with the BMW logo or specific model name on it. Any set of keys looks a lot more classy when paired with a BMW keychain.

Model Cars: Most of your favorite BMW models are available in official replicas in varying ratio sizes, so if you can’t afford the real thing, spend a lot less to get a small version of your dream car for your office desk.

Driving Accessories: Feel like you’re driving a BMW whether you are or not with official driving gloves, sunglasses, umbrellas, luggage, and wallets.

Apparel: Don’t just drive BMW, wear BMW. Polos, winter coats, athletic clothes, sneakers, yacht wind jackets, neckties, and hats are all available and make great BMW Christmas gifts. There’s no BMW Snuggie yet, but when there is, we’ll let you know.

Technology for Your Car: Give your automobile a 21st century upgrade with a Connect Universal snap-in adapter for Apple iPhones, a tablet holder for Apple and Samsung models that can swivel and adjust to height and angle, a Bluetooth headset, or LED front fog lamps.