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BMW ConnectedDrive Store Wins Big

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At the ninth annual European Business Awards, the BMW Auto Group was named the customer focus category’s German National Champion for their work with the BMW ConnectedDrive Store.

If you drive an appropriately outfitted BMW vehicle, the ConnectedDrive Store is a big part of getting the most out of your vehicle and the driving experience. Users can log on from either from their computer or from the car itself to find apps that can assist with anything from finding a great new restaurant to try, to navigation apps to get around town, and emergency apps to reach out to authorities if you’re in trouble.

Each app costs a different amount of money, and some of them are a one-time fee or subscription-based. Unlike BMW’s competitors, a driver can pay only for the apps they need as opposed to a whole suite of products.

To learn if your BMW is equipped with ConnectedDrive, talk to your local dealership or take a look at your vehicle’s specs on the BMW website. Late model vehicles with Bluetooth connectivity are more likely to have access to the service, and all BMW i models are equipped with the platform to facilitate drivers checking on the status of their charging cars.