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BMW Gives Japan Exclusive 4 Series

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BMW 4 Series In Style

America has finally been given its first taste of BMW’s exclusive limited edition lineup, with the BMW M4 GTS being the first special production vehicle to be sold at US dealerships. It didn’t take long, though, for BMW to announce another special edition car being sold overseas, making American fans jealous all over again.

In Japan, the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe will be offered in an exclusive “In Style” edition this year. The vehicle will reportedly be built off of the 420i trim level, but loaded with features one normally sees on BMW’s M Sport trims. On the exterior, the “In Style” edition will be sporting two-tone 19-inch alloy wheels, a Mineral Grey paint color, and tinted windows.

The interior of the modified BMW 4 Series will be seriously upgraded from the standard edition, with Ansorajitto Wood interior trim, Dakota Leather, and pearl gloss chrome. Driving a BMW already screams luxury, but this “In Style” edition’s interior will be so ostentatious that it will make all other BMW vehicles look like Chevrolet Malibus.

As if you had any doubt, the inside of the car will also be equipped with the latest and greatest in BMW technology, like Lane Change Warning and BMW Head-Up Display. Two hundred of these limited edition vehicles are on track to be produced with an estimated price of about $53,000. With looks so good, who is really worried about price when it comes to purchasing this vehicle?

News Source: CarScoops