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BMW Is Cranking Out the BMW M2s

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2016 BMW M2 Coupe

We have some good news for all of the patient American BMW fans waiting for the new BMW M2. The plant in Leipzig is building the BMW M2 as fast as it can, and so far there have been about 1,200 cars built and sent to the US to find a good garage to call home. This car has been so highly anticipated, we can’t even imagine the excietment future owners are feeling right now.

Rest assured, that 1,200 number is not the number of cars that will be sent to America in total. Germany is working as fast as possible to make the popular M2 for markets around the world, so there still should be some more in this model year destined for the United States. BMW is still declining to give an exact number of how many BMW M2 vehicles will be built for sale in each country, however.

Originally, it was thought that the BMW M2 was going to be a limited edition model. According to BMWBlog, the actual number of cars produced will only be limited by the Leipzig plant’s capacity. The plant is already reportedly one of the busiest in the world, but BMW has no plans to pass up potential sales because they want to keep the image of “limited” alive.

Currently, Leipzig is building the 2017 model year of the BMW M2, and sources say that they will continue to do so through the end of next year. After next year, no one knows if there will be a 2018 model, or if it will be replaced by something else. As we always say when we’re talking about the BMW M2, if you want one you had better head to a dealership now and place an order.

News Source: BMWBlog