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BMW Wants to Revolutionize the Way You Drive

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Photo: BMW

At the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, the BMW Group introduced the BMW Natural Interaction System. Designed to intuitively engage with drivers, this advanced system pays attention to your every move, allowing you to use your voice and gestures to interact with the vehicle. With that said, here’s a look at how the BMW Natural Interaction System works.

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Artificial intelligence meets natural interaction

Meant to mimic human interaction, the BMW Natural Interaction System is constantly learning when it interacts with you. Its advanced sensors learn to understand and interpret the particulars of your voice, mannerisms, and the situation’s current context.

When it debuts on the 2021 BMW iNEXT, you’ll be able to treat the vehicle’s AI like it’s a well-informed passenger. Simply by saying, “Hey BMW,” you can ask your vehicle questions — but that’s not all. Gesture recognition also lets you control features inside your vehicle — for instance, by waving your hand, you can open the sunroof, adjust the air vents, and get information about your car’s buttons by pointing at them.

Breakthrough technology

For the first time in automotive history, your vehicle will be able to intuitively answer your questions about the outside world. Since the upcoming iNEXT is equipped with the BMW Natural Interaction System and a suite of cameras, it can keep an eye on both its passengers and the road ahead. When working in concert with gesture tracking technology, the Natural Interaction System allows you to simply point at a building and get the details from your BMW. For instance, you can point to a curious little cafe and ask, “What kind of restaurant is that?” Your BMW will process the data, identify the restaurant, and tell you its star rating. From there, you can ask your iNEXT to reserve you a table and tell the vehicle where to park by simply pointing at an open space. The iNEXT will even tell you if you’re gunning for a paid parking spot, and if so, how much it costs.

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Alas, these cool new features won’t be available until the BMW iNEXT debuts in 2021. Until then, we’ll just have to get by with our old digital friends like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

Source: BMW Group