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Yikes! BMW’s Most Expensive Paint, Pure Metal Silver, Costs $10,000

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Pure Metal Silver BMW M5

If you’ve ever wondered why BMW is a brand associated with financial lavishness too excessive for many people, consider the cost of BMW’s most expensive paint. For those of us who aren’t BMW customers, the automaker has let us in on the price tag of its luxurious Pure Metal Silver paint coat:

A mere $10,000.

BMW’s Most Expensive Paint Looks Like a Car the Silver Surfer Drives

If none of the 230 exterior color options offered for your BMW appeal to you, you might want to consider Pure Metal Silver–that is, if you have $10,000 to spend on BMW’s most expensive paint (or 8,000 euro).

Most of the other paints offered by BMW’s personalization division (aptly named “Individual”) cost between $2,000-$5,000, but none of those have special effects pigments with aluminum flakes.

The special chrome-like color is only offered on a few select models with BMW’s approval: the M5, the M6 Gran Coupe Launch Edition, and the Zagato Roadster.

The cost primarily comes from the tedious, multi-step application process that involves repeated cleans…

BMW's most expensive paint 1

Photo: BMW USA via YouTube

Paint prep by dipping the chassis on a separate line…

BMW's most expensive paint 2

Photo: BMW USA via YouTube

Buffering by hand to remove any trace of unevenness…

BMW's most expensive paint 4

Photo: BMW USA via YouTube

And precise paint application so every flake points the same direction…

BMW's most expensive paint 3

Photo: BMW USA via YouTube

Browse this gallery showing off BMW’s most expensive paint and see if you think it looks any different than a silver baseline coat that costs 40 times less.

Pure Metal Silver BMW M5

Pure Metal Silver is beloved by BMW enthusiasts who revere it as “extraordinarily brilliant,” while many skeptics (with frugal wallets) see it as just another glossy grey.

What do you think? Is the final effect (what can be seen through a computer screen) worth the extra dough? Or is the fear of getting it scratched too much?

If you want to see what rich people spend their money on, view the full painting process in the video below: