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Bolt Makes Chevrolet the Top-Selling Mass-Market EV Brand in America

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2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV
Photo: Chevrolet

2020 was a rough year in many respects, but it wasn’t too bad for the Chevy Bolt. This peppy little EV managed to move over 20,000 models. And thanks to that figure, it made Chevrolet the best-selling mass-market EV brand. Here’s a look at its sales figures.

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A landmark year for the Bolt

2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV
Photo: Chevrolet

During 2020, Chevrolet sold 20,754 Bolt EVs. That’s a 26.41 percent increase from its 2019 sales figure of 16,418.

To put that in perspective, the next-leading mass-market EV was the Nissan Leaf, which only sold 9,564 models. In next place, the Audi e-tron sold 5,919 models. And the Bolt EV also dominated the Volkswagen E-Golf, which managed to move 767 units. And although the all-EV Tesla brand led in overall sales, Chevrolet still holds the top spot among mass-market EV sellers.

Chevy’s electrified future

Chevrolet Bolt EUV: Pioneering EV Technology for More Drivers
Photo: Chevrolet

In the coming years, Chevy is committing to adding more EVs to its lineup of vehicles. The Bolt was originally slated to get a mid-cycle refresh for the 2021 model, although those plans have been postponed to the 2022 model year. This updated Bolt is expected to hit dealers during the summer of 2021.

On top of that, the automaker also intends to release the larger Bolt EUV, which will provide a blend of SUV-like spaciousness alongside the Bolt’s signature all-electric efficiency. Rumors even suggest that the new EUV will boast a range of 277 miles, giving it an 18-mile range advantage over the 2021 Bolt EV.

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In addition to those plans, GM intends to electrify even more of its lineup. By 2025, the automaker hopes for 40 percent of its American lineup to consist of electric vehicles. For instance, the near future will bring us the electrified 2022 GMC Hummer. The company also has plans to release plenty of other electric models, including larger crossovers, a van, and a pickup truck.