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Boston Uber Driver Covers Car in Snow for Stealing His Spot

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New England has been getting buried in snow lately, and it seems that the freezing temperatures have only served to heat up the age-old Boston-New York rivalry. The latest incident involves a Boston Uber driver who felt he was wronged by the owner of a blue and yellow Chevy Monte Carlo with New York license plates. The whole story was documented in the (since deleted) Craigslist post:

Boston Uber driver's craigslist post

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The anonymous Boston man had shoveled out a parking spot on the street for himself on Sunday, February 8th, and even cleared a path from the sidewalk to “his spot,” so that he wouldn’t have to walk in the snow.

“According to the Mayor, if you shovel out a spot it is yours for 48 hours after the snow stops,” he wrote in his post. Then, according to, he placed an “old bookshelf” in the spot to mark it as his own, and drove off to work his evening shift for Uber.

But when he returned from work late that night, he found that the offending Monte Carlo with New York plates had unceremoniously swiped his spot.

“So I put all the snow back,” he wrote in his post, adding that he “was nice enough to leave the passenger door accessible in case they needed to get in for an emergency… like they left an inhaler inside or something.”

See? He’s not an animal! He’s just a man meting out his own particular brand of justice on the mean streets of Beantown; subjecting rule breakers to harsh but reasonable punishment.

Like Batman!

Batman Batmobile covered in snow

Photo Source: Davin Cheng

“I got emails from people who said I should pop the tires. I didn’t think that was okay,” the man said, showing admirable restraint in his handling of the out-of-town usurper.

“I’ve lived in Boston for years and I’m from New England,” he added. “This was just not a cool move. I’m getting home at midnight and I had nowhere to park.”

Let this be a lesson to anyone traveling to Boston this winter, be it from NYC or parts unknown: you never touch another man’s spot.

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