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Brett Favre Drives Peyton Manning Around in Bart Starr’s Corvette

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Peyton Manning at a convention Bart Starr
Peyton Manning at a convention
Photo: Gage Skidmore

To promote his new show, “Peyton’s Places,” Peyton Manning starred alongside Brett Favre in a promotional video. Part of the video showed the two NFL superstars riding inside Bart Starr’s Chevrolet Corvette.

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The video’s context and background

The over six minutes long video entails Peyton Manning talking about what he did during the show, like throwing a football from the top of a New York skyscraper. However, the most exciting part of the video was when Manning reminisced about driving around with Brett Favre in Green Bay.

Brett Favre drove the two former NFL players in a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Convertible. Brett Favre comfortably handled the stick shift and took them to visit Vince Lombardi’s house. This Greenwood Green Corvette C8 was originally Bart Starr’s vehicle.

In 1967, the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the first-ever Super Bowl. Bart Starr was the quarterback of the Packers and earned the title of Super Bowl I MVP. Starr was given the Chevrolet Corvette in celebration of his victory.

The green paint of the Corvette was specifically chosen to honor the Green Bay Packers. Inside the vehicle, there’s a 327 Chevrolet Small-Block V8 engine, which pairs nicely with a four-speed manual transmission.  

To check out Bart Starr’s Corvette for yourself, watch the video below.

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The documentary series is meant to celebrate the 100th season of the NFL. Each of the 30 episodes focuses on an important moment in the NFL. If you’re interested in seeing Peyton Manning drive through different cities and talk with former NFL coaches and players, you can catch the first nine episodes on ESPN+.

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