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Buc-ee’s and “Don’t Mess With Texas” Team up to Fight Litter

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Every year, more than 362 million pieces of trash accumulate along Texas roadways. It’s quite the eyesore and environmental hazard — so Buc-ee’s and “Don’t Mess With Texas” have decided to team up and take action. Thanks to their series of new billboards, anyone driving through the Lone Star State will receive a message loud and clear — don’t leave your mess around Texas.

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Two iconic Texas brands team up

“Don’t Mess With Texas” is more than just an iconic slogan — it’s a way of life. And it encompasses not littering trash around Texas roadways. Along similar lines, Buc-ee’s is a line of large-format convenience stores that are famous for their cleanliness, making the brand an ideal advocate for clean, pristine highways.

Soon, Texan drivers will see the two brands on billboards, alongside anti-littering slogans, like the Buc-ee’s mascot beaver telling you, “This critter don’t litter.” The signs will also feature directions to the nearest Buc-ee’s, where you can responsible dispose of trash.

“Buc-ee’s and ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ represent two iconic brands that are each as big as Texas,” said Texas Transportation Commission Chairman J. Bruce Bugg, Jr. “We’re excited to work with Buc-ee’s to remind its millions of customers and everyone who sees its iconic billboards that ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ really means don’t litter.”

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Going beyond billboards

While Buc-ee’s is fairly new to the public-service-announcement scene, “Don’t Mess With Texas” has been educating the public about littering since 1986. The brand (and its eponymous slogan) has been the Texas Department of Transportation’s leading litter-prevention initiative, complete with community outreach programs, cleanup events, and even a grassroots partnership with Keep Texas Beautiful.  

Source: Patch