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Buick’s SUV Lineup Excels While its Sedans Struggle in August

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As Buick looks to reduce its fleet sales, its overall sales were on a 22.5% decline last month

2016 Buick Encore

August proved that SUVs like the Encore are here to stay

At this point, the rise in popularity for SUVs and crossovers appears to be a set trend that isn’t going anywhere. If you need the perfect example of this, then you need only look toward Buick. While Buick’s overall sales were down 22.5% last month, its SUV and crossover sales were on the rise.

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Buick sold 16,811 vehicles in the U.S. during August. Last August, the brand sold a total of 21,678 vehicles. Of course, some of this sales decline is to be expected as Buick looks to decrease fleet sales in order to raise profits. As such, retail sales for Buick were only down a slight 2% last month.

The 2016 Buick Verano comes equipped with a standard 2.4-liter DOHC four-cylinder engine

Verano sales are flat-lining on the model’s way out

As fleets often purchase sedans for their services, sedan sales for Buick were on a rapid decline. The largest decline was relegated to the Buick Verano, which is in its final model year. Last August, Buick sold an impressive 4,652 Verano sedans. However, this August, Buick was only able to sell 143 Veranos.

Buick’s best-selling sedan is currently the LaCrosse, which sold 1,198 units last month. So far this year, 14,534 LaCrosse vehicles have been purchased.

2016 Buick Envision

The Envision’s popularity only continues to grow

While Buick’s sedan suffer sales losses, the current environment couldn’t be better for its utility vehicle lineup. This is especially true for the relatively new Buick Envision. Envision sales were up 78.1% in August, with a total of 2,726 units sold. So far this year, Buick has sold 28,158 units of the vehicle.

Buick’s shining star is the Buick Encore. Encore sales were up 31.5% last month, and the vehicle is Buick’s best-selling model so far for 2017, with a grand total of 56,501 purchased vehicles.

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At the end of August, Buick had sold 143,093 vehicles. While this is a 3.9% sales decline for the brand, its lineup of utility models is helping Buick sales stay relatively healthy.

To see how Buick’s other models did in August, examine the sales chart below:

Buick August 2017 Sales