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Buick’s SUVs Boost Retail Sales Throughout 2017, Including December

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A strong SUV sales performance in December helped Buick increase its retail sales for 2017

2018 Buick Envision

The Envision was Buick’s rising star throughout 2017

SUVs were the true stars of the automotive world during 2017, with sales for the segment on a rapid rise. The scenario was similar for Buick’s own SUV models throughout the year.

As 2017 came to a close, strong sales in the SUV segment helped Buick increase its overall sales by 4.7% in December.

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Buick sold 22,285 vehicles last month. During December of 2016, the brand sold 21,288 units, making Buick one of the few brands to see significant sales gains last month.

Buick’s retail sales were even better in December. Buick sold 21,637 of its vehicles through retail transactions last month, an increase of 14.6%.

2018 Buick Encore

The Encore continues to be Buick’s most popular model

Buick’s best-selling model in December was once again the Buick Encore. Encore sales came in at 8,052 vehicles, a 3.8% increase.

Still, the sales gap between the Encore and its utility-based cousins, the Enclave and Envision, slowly began to close last month. Envision sales came in at 6,056 units, while Buick sold 5,326 Enclave models during the same period.

During December of 2016, Buick only managed to sell 3,800 Enclaves and 3,931 Envisions. The difference between the December sales performance of the Enclave and Envision amounts to an increase of 40.2% and 54.1%, respectively.

2015 Buick Regal Overview

Whereas its SUVs succeed, Buick’s sedans suffer

While sales for Buick’s crossovers and SUVs might have been on the rise, the exact opposite was true for its passenger cars. Sales were down for the Cascada, LaCrosse, and Regal.

The Regal suffered the least-damaging of the sales losses, with a decrease of 23.2%. Regal sales are expected to pick up soon with the introduction of its refreshed lineup.

All-new 2017 Buick LaCrosse

While the LaCrosse continues to be Buick’s best-selling passenger car, that doesn’t mean it’s selling a lot

LaCrosse sales were also down by 51%. Even year-to-date, Buick LaCrosse sales were still down by 26.9%

The Envision, on the other hand, did even better year-over-year. Buick sold 41,040 Envisions in 2017, a massive 189.2% increase over Envision sales a year prior.

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Buick sold a total of 219,231 vehicles in 2017, a 4.5% decrease compared to the 229,631 vehicles it sold in 2016. However, when only examining retail sales from 2017, Buick sales were actually up by 1.6%.

For a closer look at Buick’s performance throughout December and 2017 in general, you can examine the sales chart below:

Buick December 2017 Sales