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Building Remains Found Under Parking Lot May Relate to Knights Templar

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It seems that we have just paved over most everything cool in our collective history so people will have a place to leave their Prii.

Parking in the Shade

Pictured: Probably the Colossus of Rhodes
Photo: Alex92287

In addition to the discovery of the skeleton of King Richard III of England and a freaking ancient Greek fort in Jerusalem called Acra, we have now found the remains of a building that some speculate could be linked to Christianity’s most mysterious (and paranoia-shrouded) military order, the Knights Templar.

Knights Templar Drawing

These guys
Photo: Steve Nimmons

Well, that, or what is left of some guy’s manor house from the 1600s.

The remains are located in Coventry, UK, and were uncovered when developers dug trenches to build the city’s newest secondary school. The area is historically strongly linked the Knights Templar, leading some to hope, their eyes shining, that these remains might be connected to the order, which apparently used the land in Coventry to raise funds for the protection of the Holy Land during the Middle Ages.

On the other hand, sources from the City Council think that it is far more likely that these are just the foundations from a Jacobean manor house constructed in the area back in the 1600s, which, while still interesting, is far less impressive.

The Knights Templar was one of the wealthiest orders in Western Christianity who served a very important financial role for the Church and aided in protecting pilgrims headed to the Holy Lands. Fletchamstead Hall, on the other hand, apparently had a lovely entryway.

In any case, after archaeologists had at the site for about a week gathering samples, the developers at the site more or less shrugged and continued on building. The head teacher of the new school had this to say on the subject: “I believe the builders have found the remains of a Jacobean manor house. It has been concreted over for the car park of the Land Registry building. I don’t think they found a lot; a team went in and did some archaeological work. It’s where the sports hall is going. It’s not slowed down the building work in general, but it may have delayed the sports hall construction by about a week.”

So, I guess, that’s more or less it. We will have to wait for the remains to be analyzed for a few weeks before we find out whether what we add to the list of “Sweet Discoveries Found Under Parking Lots” will be “Mysterious Knights Templar Building” or “a nice house.”

News Source: The Coventry Telegraph, Encyclopædia Britannica