Catherine Hiles

Buy This Ghostbusters Car Right Now Because Bill Murray

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Ghostbusters car

The original 1959 Cadillac ECTO-1 ambulance

Children of the ‘80s, stop what you’re doing right now. If you’ve ever dressed up as Ghostbusters for Halloween or fantasized about what you’d say if you were ever luck enough to meet Bill Murray (which, let’s face it, we all have), what I have to tell you will blow your mind. There is a vehicle. In England. That is a replica. Of the Ghostbusters ambulance. And it’s for sale. I kid you not. [ See the original car in action in the video below ]

The car, which is owned by the luckiest man in the world (known to his friends as Milton Homan), is a spitting image of the 1959 Cadillac ECTO-1 ambulance from one of the greatest movies ever made. When Homan first came across the car five years ago, it was in a bad way, but thanks to his awesome Ghostbuster-car-making skillz, it’s now the best car to ever exist on the face of the planet.

Ghostbusters car

Here’s the original from another angle, because why not

As you might imagine, this car is quite the head-turner. Homan reports that whenever he’s out and about in his Cadillac, people point, stare, take photos, wave, you name it. And now, it can be yours for the cool price of ₤175,000, which translates to approximately $294,000. Don’t have a spare 300 grand lying around? I guess you’ll just have to start saving up, because this is clearly the most important thing you’ll ever own.

It’s uncertain whether Mr. Homan will be successful in selling his prized Ghostbusters car for such a high price, but one thing is for sure: whoever ends up buying it will officially be the second coolest person on the face of the planet. After Bill Murray, of course.

Now watch the Ghostbusters car in action: