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By Any Name, the New Opel Zafira is Sweet

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Opel Zafira

Brands do not like to call minivans minivans. They will go out of their way to refer to their people-haulers as anything but, hoping to shake the stigma that haunts their more practical-minded products like it was the letter “M” written on the roof in chalk in a Fritz Lang film.

Opel, in calling its new Zafira a “connected traveling lounge,” wants customers to see its van as being close to Claude Rains than Peter Lorre. But given its numerous technologically-advanced features, aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior, and smooth performance, this rose would smell as sweet by any name.

The new Opel Zafira gets a sporting new face, featuring new headlamps and sportier upper and lower grilles. The intention is to make the Zafira appear powerful and bold, and it succeeds to a great degree.

Opel Zafira

“The front design of the new Zafira takes over the major characteristics of the one of the award winning new Astra, and anchors it in Opel’s new portfolio. Its sharp, precise double-winged daytime running lights convey a new level of sophistication, which is also reflected in the interior by a completely redesigned instrument panel. It is purer, clearer, and easier to use,” said Mark Adams, Vice-President, GM Europe Design.

The interior is optimized for the IntelliLink infotainment system, presented through a seven-inch touchscreen. This makes available Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Opel OnStar, and a built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.

Opel Zafira

Because it is a minivan (or MPV, if that’s your druthers), comfort and utility are at optimum levels. The Zafira is offered with optional six-way adjustable AGR sport driver and passenger seats, a multi-functional FlexRail console system that makes storage a breeze, second-row Lounge Seating, and foldable third-row seating for greater storage potential.

To make driving easy, the Zafira will be offered with Adaptive Cruise Control and FlexRide adaptive mechatronic chassis. The former makes it possible to preset a distance between the Zafira and the vehicle in front of it, and the latter adapts to even the most adverse driving conditions for smooth rides.

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