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Cadillac’s Headquarters to Stay in New York City

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Despite a recent leadership change, Cadillac will continue to operate out of the Big Apple

The new Cadillac House in New York City will be open to the public starting June 2nd

Cadillac will continue to take Manhattan

One of the biggest changes that Johan de Nysschen presided over when he was head of the Cadillac brand was moving the automaker’s headquarters from its historic location in Detroit to New York City. After GM replaced de Nysschen with Cadillac’s new boss, Steve Carlisle, earlier this year, rumors began that Cadillac may be moving back to the Motor City.

However, these rumors are simply not true, as Steve Carlisle has confirmed that Cadillac is staying in the Big Apple.

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Carlisle explained that GM’s executives and analysts agree that New York remains the optimal place for Cadillac’s headquarters to be located. Cadillac’s new boss also promised to commute to Detroit or “anywhere else in the world” necessary to transform Cadillac into the world’s top-selling luxury brand.

This lack of movement shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. After all, the decision to move to New York City was made before de Nysschen even took on his role as head of Cadillac.

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Furthermore, moving the headquarters back now would be extremely costly. The move could also alienate a lot of the talent that can be found in NYC.

“New York made sense because it’s the epicenter of where luxury trends are made,” Andrew Lipman, Cadillac spokesman in New York.

Cadillac’s location in New York also provides it with easier access to international connections. This is important, as China is currently Cadillac’s single largest market.

The new Cadillac House in New York City will be open to the public starting June 2nd

The Cadillac House is becoming quite the popular spot in NYC

Cadillac’s corporate offices are located on the 15th and 16th floors of a high-rise in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. However, Cadillac has a second location in New York City: the Cadillac House.

This location is used for both retail purposes and special events. Each month, a different fashion designer curates the Cadillac House, hosting lavish events at the venue.

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Cadillac production is still primarily located in the greater Detroit area

Of course, Cadillac’s vehicles are still designed and engineered within the greater Detroit area. Fortunately, flights from NYC to Detroit are easily available, and the fact that both cities share a time zone is even more advantageous.

In the end, analysts agree that it really wouldn’t matter where Cadillac’s headquarters are located, so long as communication from leadership is direct and clear. As Cadillac sets out to expand its lineup during the next few years, this communication will be critical.

News Source: The Detroit Free Press