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Cadillac’s Streaming Video Rearview Mirror Coming to CT6

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Cadillac’s streaming video rearview mirror

Cadillac’s streaming video rearview mirror will debut on the CT6.

We’ve officially uncovered the coolest car technology to watch out for in 2015: Cadillac’s streaming video rearview mirror, which will be featured in the upcoming Cadillac CT6. This is a long overdue technology to optimize the industry’s current rearview mirror situation. The traditional mirror will be replaced with a 1280 x 240 pixel TFT-LCD display (with 171 pixels per inch), which displays high-resolution streaming video captured by an HD camera that is “designed specifically to enhance rear view lane width and maximize low-light situations.”

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Cadillac’s streaming video rearview mirror

Field of vision is improved greatly.

All of that is really just a fancy way of saying there’s a super high-tech camera that captures footage in real-time and slaps it onto your rearview mirror. This awesome technology improves a driver’s field of vision by a whopping 300%, meaning it’s about four times more effective than a typical rearview mirror.

Cadillac’s streaming video rearview mirror

The awesome camera

In fact, according to Travis Hester, who is the executive chief engineer of the CT6, “The closest comparison to this kind of rear vision would be driving a convertible with the top down.” Except it’s even better because it also eliminates any obstructions in the rear seat, such as passenger or cargo.

Cadillac’s streaming video rearview mirror

Now you won’t have to worry about making awkward eye contact with the guy who lives in your backseat.

Cadillac’s streaming video rearview mirror technology will also make use of a water-shedding hydrophobic coating on the camera, that way visibility isn’t affected by snow or rain.

In total, Cadillac engineers earned 10 patents for this innovation. One of them is for the actual streaming function, and the other nine are for video processing.

And if drivers of the CT6 want the traditional rearview mirror, they can just toggle the underside and have it change to the electrochromatic mirror they are used to.

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Photo Source: GM