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California May Push To Eliminate Gas, Diesel Light Vehicles

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California is obviously a highly-environmentally-minded place, especially when it comes to vehicles. It has instituted many systems, including one mandating a certain percentage of zero-emissions vehicle sales, which encourage/force automakers to step up their game in newer, greener technology.

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Well, apparently that mandate may eventually be pushed all the way to 100%, according to comments from Mary Nichols, chair of the powerful California Air Resources Board, who was speaking at the annual VerdeXchange conference in Los Angeles. According to the advocacy group Plug In America, Nichols announced that California would be pursuing the goal of 100% light-duty, zero-emission vehicles.

This definitely shows CARB’s stance in the face of daunting administration changes and lobbies against new-energy vehicles.

California is not alone in its desire for no new fossil fuel vehicles—similar mandates have been proposed in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and India. The German Federal Council and the Dutch parliament even passed their motions to end gasoline and diesel vehicle sales in the next two decades.

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If successful, these mandates would lead to a massive EV surge, especially given the facts that California is one of the largest automotive markets in the US, and that several other states follow California’s lead when it comes to zero-emission vehicles.

Plug In America did not mention whether Nichols put out a particular time frame for the 100% goal, only that it was the eventual target. Presumably, charging infrastructure as well as zero-emissions cars will have advanced significantly by the time that is even possible, but with several automakers including Mazda, BMW, and Mercedes promising more and more EVs, it seems to be on the horizon.

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