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Camaro Driver Blames Hot Wings for Speeding

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Apparently, eating hot wings and driving a Camaro — at a safe speed — don’t go together. Fox 9 News recently reported that a teen driver in Manitoba got pulled over for speeding in a red Camaro. Turns out that the 16-year-old driver was traveling 170 kph (about 105 mph) before the Royal Canadian Mounted Police pulled them over. 

A unique excuse

When the officer asked the teen why they were speeding, they said “too many hot wings and needed to bathroom.” Whether or not it really was hot wings that caused the driver to “need to bathroom” is up for debate. Though, any fan of this spicy appetizer might rally to the teen’s defense.

The outcome

Needless to say, the police didn’t buy the hot wings excuse. Per GM Authority, the officer ticketed the teen with a $966 CDN fine for speeding, as well as a $203 CDN ticket for driving on a learner’s license without a supervising driver in the passenger seat. 

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Concluding thoughts

You have to wonder if hot wings were really to blame in this situation. Maybe the teen just couldn’t find an exit that had a restroom before they got pulled over. Maybe they had no tums or ginger chews in the car to help soothe their fiery stomach. I’m imagining that they’ll think twice about consuming hot wings before taking their parent’s Camaro for a drive in the future. (That is, if the parents haven’t already revoked the young driver’s rights to drive the Camaro until they’re a bit more experienced and responsible behind the wheel…)

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