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Can You Wear a Halloween Mask While Driving?

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I ran across an odd Halloween-related question that I didn’t know the answer to today: “Is it illegal to wear a mask while you’re driving?” It turns out that the answer isn’t a clear “no,” but the various parts add up to a pretty definite negative.

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So, we should start with saying that most states have anti-mask laws. These generally ban people from wearing masks in public that conceal their identity. Several states make exceptions for Halloween, but a number also confine this exception to children, or just generally people under 16 years of age. While these ban adults from wearing masks in public, these laws are generally more aimed at keeping people from committing crimes, creeping people out, or just publicly being in the KKK.

However, although these aren’t specifically bans on masks while driving, there is a reason for this: because driving with a mask on is a pretty dangerous proposition. Statutes against reckless or dangerous driving already cover that pretty well.

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Beyond that, even if you are confident you won’t run into police, driving while wearing a mask is still a really bad idea. Even small masks reduce your vision to some degree or at least serve as a distraction. Driving with impaired vision or while distracted is a recipe for crashes.

So, the bottom line is, when you are driving around on Halloween, just take your mask off for the drive. Laws generally have no problem with you wearing a mask at a party on private property, so you can just put it back on when you get there.

News Source: FindLaw