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Canadian Company Takes Delivery of First Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicles

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Toyota Mirai FCVs at Ballard
Photo: Toyota Canada

Ballard Power Systems, a Canadian energy company celebrating its 40th anniversary, has arranged for several of its employees to purchase British Columbia’s very first fleet of fuel cell electric vehicles from Toyota Canada.

The Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric car, which emits only water vapor, has been limited in availability since its launch in 2014. In January 2018, the first fleet of Mirai vehicles reached Canadian soil in Quebec, and more recently Toyota announced the car would become available on the other side of the country, in Vancouver.

“Zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles, or FCEVs, are a key part of the electric vehicle solution that will positively change the lives of the next generation,” said Randy MacEwen, President and CEO of Ballard Power Systems. “For 40 years, Ballard has been relentlessly developing and improving fuel cell technology, so we’re extremely proud that dedicated Ballard employees have agreed to purchase B.C.’s first fleet of fuel cell electric cars.”

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Toyota is now the first automaker to bring hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to Canada en masse, and has been working with other interested parties in the country to establish the infrastructure necessary to make the sale of FCVs possible.

Earlier this year, the British Columbian government and Natural Resources Canada announced a $3 million contribution toward building two new retail hydrogen refueling stations. By 2020, Greater Vancouver and Victory are expected to have six stations.

“We couldn’t think of a more appropriate partner for B.C.’s first fleet of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles than the team at Ballard Power Systems,” said Toyota Canada VP Stephen Beatty. “Ballard is a true global fuel cell pioneer and one of Canada’s most innovative and impactful companies, so we’re proud to add Ballard employees as Toyota customers.”

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