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Car Candy Craze: Best Sweet Treats for Auto Enthusiasts

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chocolate car candy

Eating too many chocolate cars will take you from zero to diabetes in 5.8 seconds
Photo: Sergey Galyonkin

With Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Daytona 500 coming up on the calendar, chances are you’re going to be buying candy for the people in your life. If you have kids or adults in your life who enjoy sugary treats as gifts, and who also are enthusiastic about everything automotive, here are some easy-to-buy car-themed dessert ideas.

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Great Dessert Ideas for Gearheads

Shaped chocolates: Many local chocolatiers offer their cocoa confections in variety of molded designs. You can probably find ones shaped like race cars, checkered flags, tires, helmets, or mechanic’s tools.

Pez dispensers: If your gearhead loves accumulating trinkets or branded collectible items, the Pez candy company has released a wide variety of automotive-related dispensers throughout the years, from traditional stand-ups of helmets branded with NASCAR driver or track insignias, to larger Formula 1 cars.

Donuts: Some people prefer baked goods over packaged sweets. Pick up a couple donuts from your local bakery. Not only do these round pastries look like tires (especially chocolate ones), their name is synonymous with an awesome driving stunt.

M&Ms: As a big sponsor of NASCAR and an easy treat to store in the glovebox for periodic nibbles, these chocolate treats come in a wide variety of branded packaging emphasizing the stock car racing theme.

Specialty ice cream flavors: These aren’t as easy to find at your local grocery, but you might have luck to come across a limited-edition Breyer’s vanilla-and-chocolate checkered flag flavor or NASCAR Klondike ice cream bars.

Cookies: Make your own desserts using themed cookie cutter shapes and whatever flavor your “driver” likes. Getting a ready-to-bake dough package will save you a lot of work in the kitchen.

Hot Wheels candy cars: While not technically edible, six fun Hot Wheels die cast cars were released a couple years ago, branded with names like Skittles and Milky Way.

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