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Car Crashes During Report on Safe Driving in Snow

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Car Crash during news report

Photo: WPTZ

Chances are pretty good that wherever you are right now, the weather is unpleasant. (That is, unless you live in one of those parts of the world where it is almost always beautiful and seldom unpleasant, in which case, you’re a jerk.) Still, you probably have to trudge out into the snow and suffer through wet socks and red hands so that you can get to work and bring home the bacon. And that’s really unfortunate.

Know what’s even more unfortunate? Trying to make your way to work (or home from work, or to whatever destination you have aimed yourself) and spinning your car out up over a curb and into a light pole just hard enough to peel off a good portion of your front bumper.

Even worse? Now imagine all that, except this all transpires in the background of a news report about how to drive cautiously in bad weather.

As if all the effort that goes into getting ready for the road isn’t bad enough, just imagine being held up as the example of why people should stay off the road. Insult to vehicular injury, that.

Stay safe, folks.

News Source: WPTZ