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Maintaining Your Car During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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The coronavirus pandemic might have you stuck inside with your car sitting idle in the garage. It’s important to pay attention to your vehicle, even if you aren’t commuting every day. The following maintenance checks will help keep your car in good shape until you’re free to hit the road again.

Car Care 101: Reasons to wash your car regularly

Every other week, make it a point to start your car. Just moving it down your driveway and allowing it to idle for a few minutes is enough, according to Autotrader writer Andrew Ganz.

“A warm engine helps prevent fluids from going bag, and it reduces the risk of various gaskets and rubber parts drying out and failing,” he writes.

If your car will be retired from the road for the foreseeable future, you can still protect some of its components. Ganz suggests connecting a trickle charger to your car’s battery. Your gas tank requires a fuel stabilizer, too.

“Fuel stabilizer helps prevent gas in the tank from going bad. Not doing so will almost certainly mean the fuel system will need to be cleaned, or even that the tank, fuel pump, lines, and injectors will have to be removed and refurbished,” Ganz adds.

These preventative measures will save you from a costly repair bill.

If your car will be out on the street, you should invest in a car cover. A quality soft cover will protect its exterior as well as the cabin.

Before you cover your car or tuck it away in the garage, wash it thoroughly.

Go beyond the simple soap and water by using a clay mitt to strip off any accumulated gunk, followed by a wax or a ceramic coating to keep it looking spiffy. Hit up the interior next with carpet and upholstery cleaner as well as leather cleaner and conditioner,” Ganz adds.

You might also want to try your hand at some DIY car care. Replace the cabin and engine air filters. Monitor the fluids in your engine and top off if necessary.

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