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Car News In the Rearview: Challenger Unleashes the Demon with Its Widebody

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Welcome to In the Rearview, where I bring you the week’s car news, boiled down and presented in delicious, bite-sized form.

Delicious: The 2017 CX-9 has been named a Top Safety Pick+

First up this week, Tulsa, Oklahoma was dragged into the national spotlight by one of its road crews which, when faced with several instances of roadkill in the way of their line-painting, just kinda shrugged and kept right on painting.

2018 GMC Terrain

Then, we had two shocking study findings: first, that people who drive SUVs like SUVs, since most people who own one also get one as their next vehicle. Then, Ford found that parents are more distracted than other adults while driving.


I am absolutely aghast.

Then, in more surprising news, the Dodge Challenger has screamed to the front in the race against the Mustang and the Camaro for June, as its sales jumped by almost a quarter. Dodge wants us to think it’s because of the enduring likability of the Challenger, but it’s almost certainly just because of the Demon.

Speaking of the Challenger, Dodge seems to have decided that, rather than refresh its nearly-decade-old model, it’s just going to keep throwing out new editions. This week, that new edition is the Challenger SRT Widebody, which takes a Hellcat and slaps on some fender flares, wider tires, and a lip spoiler.

Ready for a New Vehicle? Then make sure you have done all you can for your credit score

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4x2 XLT Crew Cab Widebody Design by TS Designs

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4×2 XLT Crew Cab Widebody Design by TS Designs

High-powered vehicles brings us to another story from Ford, as the brand is stroking its chin over whether to give its Super Duty line of trucks the Raptor treatment. While I don’t know if that would be that great of an idea, it sounds like it would be pretty awesome. So, not that Ford is waiting for my say-so, but I’m saying full steam ahead.

Valtteri Bottas crosses the checkered flag

Then, controversy has sprung up at the Austrian Grand Prix, as the frontrunner, Valtteri Bottas, looks to have gotten an illegal jump start off the line. Then again, second-place finisher Sebastian Vettel apparently had a crappy start, so this one is somewhat shrug-worthy.

Finally, BMW has given in to the demands of its UK factory workers after a total of four strikes at its MINI and Rolls-Royce facilities over its attempt to scuttle their pension plans. In the end, BMW basically seems to have thrown up its hands and said “Fine, have your pension,” offering a deal that was ratified by 80% of the workers. Good thing, too, because they had three more strikes planned.