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Car-Related Gifts for Drivers Who Are Garage-Less

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scraping ice from windshield

Are you a car owner lacking a garage? Or, do you have a driver in mind who has no covered structure to protect his ride? Then consider adding the following items recommended by Family Handyman writer Julia K. Porter to your shopping cart to improve your or your friend’s driving life.

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Keep it clean

Paint Fix Car Wash
Photo: Pexels

Without a garage’s protection, your car will be constantly subjected to the elements, causing dirt, grime, and dust to muck up its exterior. Porter suggests investing in the Brush Hero, a water-hose attachment that will help you get every nook and cranny of your car clean.

A bucket, cleaning supplies tailored for automobiles, and microfiber towels will make less work of washing your car. If the idea of spending a couple of hours washing your car and cleaning its interior is repugnant to you or your friend’s sensibilities, invest in a gift card or membership at your local automatic car wash.

Filter the sun

sunshine glare on windshield

Back seat passengers will appreciate a car window shade designed to shield their eyes from the sun’s most glaring stares.

Start it up

Snow side-view mirror winter weather visibility car
Photo: The News Wheel

Getting into a freezing car is one of the worst ways to start the day, especially when you can purchase a remote car starter system.

Check the charge

car engine and battery

Leaving your car outside in winter’s wrath will impact the battery. To avoid being stranded due to a dead battery, add a portable battery charger to your automotive toolbox.

Save time

Gethercovered windshield cover fabric

Scraping ice, snow, and frost from your windshield is a tiresome chore. Avoid the hassle and save precious time in the morning by using a windshield cover when your car is parked.

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Monitor pressure

filling tires with air checking pressure

Severe weather and fluctuating temperatures target your car’s tires, and not in a good way. For your safety, you need to monitor the condition of your tires as well as each tire’s air pressure. A portable air compressor fits nicely in the trunk or backseat and allows you to quickly fill them up to the recommended psi.