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Car Safety Tips to Protect Your Kids This Summer

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Summer is here, which means you’ll probably be logging more miles on the road with your kids arguing, whining or on the rare, blissful occasion, quietly amusing themselves in the backseat. Whether it’s for a family road trip, an escape to a local amusement park, or a day of errands, focusing on car safety for your young passengers is imperative when temperatures and tempers run high.

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Sharing their tips for keeping kids safe while you’re behind the wheel with Consumer Reports Writer Emily A. Thomas, Ph.D., the pub’s car seat experts stressed the importance of checking your child’s car seat for any hot spots. No one — kids and grown-ups alike — want to come in contact with a seatbelt buckle that’s been baking hot in the sun.

Heatstroke is possible even when the sun hides behind the clouds so your child should never be left alone in a car, reports Thomas.

“Cars can be a tempting play area for young children. That’s why it’s so important to keep every vehicle locked, even when it’s at home, and to tuck the keys away from a child’s reach. Some deaths in hot cars have occurred when children were playing in them unattended,” she writes.

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Sunscreen is essential to protecting your kids’ skin from the sun, and not just on pool days. The windows of your car let in a lot of damaging sunlight, so Thomas writes “apply broad-spectrum sunscreen to children at least 15 minutes before heading out.” As far wardrobe choices go, she advises lightweight long-sleeved shirts and cotton pants.

Enjoy every journey with your kids this summer and keep them safe with these car safety tips.

News Source: Consumer Reports