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Car Seat Rules to Keep Little Passengers Safe

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Car seats are designed specifically to keep little ones safe while riding in a car, but if parents break important car seat rules, they can be putting their kids’ safety at risk.

The first safety rule for car seats hinges on the purchase. According to Reader’s Digest editors, parents should always purchase a new car seat  (a used car seat could be unsafe if it endured an accident) from a store that employs a staff who is trained on car seat installation and who can fit the car seat to each vehicle. And, car seats should be bought before the stroller, note the editors.

“The staff should come out to your car and assist you in making sure the car seat works with your car. You can also read your car’s owner manual to get a better idea of what will fit in your car and exactly how you are supposed to install it,” said the editors.

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Don’t rely on a child’s age to be the determining factor on a car seat, either. According to the Reader’s Digest editors, parents should factor in height, weight, and age when figuring out which car seat fits their child best.

“Even if your child meets the age requirement for a different type of car seat, don’t transition them until they weigh enough,” warn the editors.

The car seat should be secure—no jiggling or moving is allowed while in transit, according the editors.

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The number of times parents get their child in and out of the car seat a day is often too high to count, and with all that movement, straps will relax; it’s imperative that parents monitor the fit of the straps regularly, like every few weeks, according to the editors.

“Check to make sure the shoulder harness snugly fits your growing child every couple of weeks by sliding two fingers under the straps. You should not be able to get more than two fingers between the straps and your child’s chest,” advise the editors.

The editors also suggest opting for a car seat that has two-piece retainer clips and is made of an easy-to-clean fabric.

News Source: Reader’s Digest