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Carmera Partners with City of New York to Enhance Real-Time Mapping Platform

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It’s important for self-driving cars to know about obstacles up ahead, and current mapping platforms like Apple Maps and Google Maps exclude this helpful function.

That’s where Carmera comes in. This new startup’s Autonomous Map delivers real-time road details to automated vehicles (AVs), to help keep passengers and pedestrians safer. It also provides a more accurate ETA for those riding in AVs.

Exactly how does this platform get its information? Similar to Google Street View cars, Carmera has its own vehicle fleet equipped with cameras. The cameras extract real-time road data about potential obstacles on the road, like construction, police activity, and pedestrians. Next, the cameras transmit this data to the company’s Autonomous Map. According to CNET contributor Abrar Al-Heeti, the map takes only milliseconds to incorporate this new info and update itself.

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As of Thursday, Carmera began a collaboration with the City of New York. This will further enhance the precision and thoroughness of Autonomous Map. Carmera will give the city’s Department of Transportation information it’s gleaned from developing the platform, such as pedestrian analytics. The city, in turn, will help expand Carmera’s resources for gathering data to enhance street inventory accuracy.

The company’s allegiance with the City of New York seems like a natural next step. Just recently, the startup partnered with AV firm Voyage to provide mapping tech for its automated taxi project at The Villages® in Florida. We await more news about Carmera’s partnership with the City of New York as it takes Autonomous Map to the next level.

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News Source: CNET, MediumThe Villages