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Carpool Karaoke: The Best of the Best

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Carpool Karaoke has become an infamous part of The Late Late Show with James Corden. But there are so many episodes, it can be difficult to decide which ones to watch first. Here are the best of the best (because really, there aren’t any “worsts” when it comes to Carpool Karaoke).

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Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas

Bringing together two of the most popular artists on the charts right now, James Corden invited both Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas onto Carpool Karaoke at once. They start off the trip by diving into a topic everyone is wondering about: Did Demi and Nick ever date? The quick answer? Nope. Just like brother and sister. But, they did dive into Nick’s dating history for a few good laughs… Miley, Selena, Miley, Selena again… you get the picture.

The pair belted out their own hits as well as DNCE’s smash hit, “Cake by the Ocean.” James Corden requested to be part of the duo’s new tour, but first, he had to audition. They exited the car and hit the streets to perform Demi’s song, “Confident,” as a trio.

On top of on-the-spot harmonies and stellar performances, the chemistry between the three performers was undeniably laugh-inducing.



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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has made a name for himself in recent years, but his Carpool Karaoke proves he’s still a shy, humble artist. He brings his guitar in the car with him, explaining that musically, he feels naked without it. However shy he may be, Ed brought his own humor and style with him to the episode. He even tells a pretty killer story about hitting Justin Bieber in the face with a golf club while they were drunk.

Most notably in the episode is a rap battle between Sheeran and Corden. Together, the pair proves they are both incredibly talented and their skills extend past traditional singing methods.



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Justin Bieber

Speaking of Justin, one of the first carpool karaoke episodes, featuring Justin Bieber, is a classic. Branching out past his original, swoopy-haired days, a more heavily-tattooed Justin Bieber tackled a throwback on his first visit to Carpool Karaoke. The episode begins with Bieber and Corden jamming out to “Baby.”

The episode goes all over the place, from arguments about the romantic aesthetic of fondue to the definition of swag and whether or not James Corden has any (spoiler: Justin Bieber says he does, so it must be true).




[wptab name=”Michelle Obama”]

Michelle Obama

While Michelle Obama is not a traditional musical guest for Carpool Karaoke, but she was a popular one. This episode of Carpool Karaoke showed us a fun and lighthearted side of politics in a very politically-divided climate. Because the episode was filmed during the Obama Administration, security around Mrs. Obama was tight. So, instead of hitting the public streets of Washington D.C., Michelle took James on a private tour of the White House grounds.

This tour was only the second time in Michelle’s then-seven years in the White House that she was able to listen to music in the car. To celebrate, James Corden kicked off the show with music from legends like Stevie Wonder and Beyonce.

Towards the end of the episode, Missy Elliott even made a guest appearance to help Michelle Obama introduce the platform for Let Girls Learn.